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It seems that every piece of studio furniture Ive ever purchased had at least one thing I would have done differently, had I designed it.  After a recent experience with a newer studio desk company (loved the desk...with a few minor exceptions...but the company was one of the worst Ive dealt with), I decided it was time to do my own thing. From that experience came...SOUND FURNISHINGS.  

A few designs and phone calls later, I created show racks for Warm Audios NAMM booth, called a buddy and built a stage and various pieces for the Gibson Showroom in Hollywood and have several more great things coming.

With the exception of standard sized 19 racks,  everything is custom made.  But even the racks are essentially one of a kind due to the reaction of the wood and the various distressing procedures I use.  

Old to new, new to old...its all part of the design.  So if you want something that doesnt look like traditional studio furniture, is sound and will last...hit me up and lets get creative.  


Barry Pointer ~ Owner Riott House Studio


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